Unique Applications of KALMATRON®
We are rising the standards by KALMATRON® products working in environments where other products can’t be applied. It has been worldwide recognized and defined as a UNIQUE APPLICATIONS based on next general properties given to upgraded concrete:

          • in use are basic concrete/mortar mix designs without strength, density, & impermeability gainers;

          • no need in the primer technologies and improvement of environments up to the standards; 

          • simplicity of application without enhancing supplements & techniques;

          • no curing treatments and post controlling operations;

          • environmental compatibility & doubled durability.
Inventions of the 21-st Century
Cold sea water pond. Fishing pond. Metal Culverts.

Stucco One Pass Application.

Concrete Water Resistance Restoration by Welding.
Freeway Concrete Restoration after flood in Europe.
Sewer Structures, Concrete corrosion and Manhole Repair 
Concrete Resistance to 
Industrial Corrosion
Concrete Swimming pools. Fountains. Housing
 Irrigation systems. Mojave Desert.   
 Los Angeles W&PD, California
Floors & Pavements
 Dried Concrete Impermeability by 
KF-G in a desert environment
Methane Gas Impermeable Mortar
Frozen Concrete of Parking Lot Deck
Concrete Petrography. Needles & Shields of Concrete Structure
Relining of metal 
SILICA FUME Replacement with economical effect
CONCRETE & Hearth-Heat Environment
Cement Hydration Agitation
Concrete Flu. Efflorescence. 
Alkali Reaction
Concrete Countertops, bathes, sinks, etc.
Concrete deicing salts corrosion
Wineries' Caves
Unique Applications of KALMATRON®
Green Concrete
Ultra High Performance Concrete KALMATRON®
Concrete Overlay
Post Disasters Contaminations
Concrete Leakages
Slump & Workability
Roman Concrete
Marina's Building Materials
The lighter block, the
 costly wall (check it)
Economy on Clinker
Concrete Waterproof
Stucco repair by KF-F
Environmental Concrete
Pavement Concrete
Concrete Shrinkage 
Healing Compound
Compacting of soils 
and porous materials.
Sewer Corrosion see 5'
Concrete Chlorides Penetration
We Are the
Turn Fly Ash into insoluble fillers
High Alumina Concrete Replacement
ISOCRETE for underground tanks