Applied concrete floor on a parking lot was frozen during of next night. The surface of the floor was severely disintegrated on a depth at 

15 mm with easy removable concrete layers. The uniqueness of this project is in repair of damaged concrete by thin concrete layers at 

10 mm to 40 mm. Heavy trafficable area required highest possible adhesion of that layer to the damaged concrete, compressive strength at 

35 MPa, and water impermeability no less than W8. Our mix design of PLASTCRETE exceeded all expectations of contractor and customer. 

Below is a technique of repair of damaged concrete.                                                        

                MATERIALS                    KG                 M3                       NOTICE 

     Ordinary Portland Cement      200                0.063 

     Gravel D =2.5 mm ÷ 3 mm        250                0.1058        Not larger than D=3.5 mm 

     Coarse Sand #16                      550                0.2275  

     KALMATRON KF-A                        5                 0.005 

     Water                                          95                  0.095            W/C = 0.475 

     Total                                           1100                 0.496            D = 2222 Kg/m3    

 1. Do not use curing and heating/cooling techniques. 
 2. After application, do not provide curing procedure and do not use curing compounds.
 3. Do not cover fresh PLASTCRETE with any films or blankets.
 4. Achieved results: Compressive Strength at 50 MPa 
                                 Tensile Strength at          11 MPa 
                                 Water impermeability at  W12

________2. Spray diluted slurry of KALMATRON® KF-G on damaged and frozen concrete surface by any convenient    

                    technique.  It provides deicing of repaired to be concrete  and chemical adhesion with new concrete layer. 

                   Consumption of KF-G spray is .025 GL/SF or 1 Liter per 1 m2.

________3. Prepare PLASTCRETE in accordance with mix design.

________4. Apply PLASTCRETE after 30 minutes.

ESSENTIAL: Preparation of FROZEN concrete surface for repair by flame heating is a history now.

 Just spray KALMATRON® KF-G.

   All joints were restored by 10 mm or 1/2" thick layer of PLASTCRETE to repeat initial design of parking lot.


1. Prepared first batch must be no smaller than 250 Kg or 550 Lbs. 

2. Turn on mixer no less than for 1 minute. 

3. First rotations could be hard, then don’t panic and continue mixing until 1 minute expires.  

4. In a case of a batch stiffness use flat-plate vibrators for PLASTCRETE flattering.    

5. Continue mixing during of application. Do not stop mixer. 

6. Apply layer from 20 mm to 40 mm or 3/4" to 1 3/4" thick only. For thinner layers apply 
    admixture of Krete100®.    

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USA patent #5,728,208

Inventions of the 21-st Century

_______1. Dilute KALMATRON® KF-G with water in accordance with instruction. 

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