The reason why KALMATRON® KF-A; KF-B; KF-F; KF-C; KF-E products are attractive 

for contractors is uniformity of application, highest quality and low cost per unit of 

application. It really counts when one product such as KF-A eliminates other 

admixtures, supplementary materials and isolation.

It works immediately with full range of all the features needed for high performance of 

every structural element. 

Photographs at right and below show the process and results of concrete application 

with KF-A admixture only. 

Underground walls, foundations, ponds and pools built without any isolation showed 

complete impermeability.  
This swimming pool is built with an admixture 

which is based on the crystal growing concept. 

Seen above are white traces of exposed product 

or concrete embodiments. The concrete surface 

around white spots has traces of friability.  

Left for drying before isolation application.
BELOW:  waterfall ponds that were built with the KF-A admixture. No additional measures were applied despite 

of thin concrete structure. Metal looking concrete ponds are a shining example of KALMATRON® KF-A 

advantage in the modern market of building technologies.  
Structural elements built by monolithic technology with KALMATRON® KF-A admixture are distinctively free from common shrinkage cracks. 
Slump 2"
Shotcrete application
Fragment of Shotcrete application
There is no place for concrete

 shrinkage cracks with KF-A!
The same swimming pool built with KF-A admixture without additional isolation after.


Concrete after unmolding exposed to the sun heat over 100 F. 

No curing was applied to prove they don't need it any more.

Twice shorter construction time with summary economy by 48%/SF
Inventions of the 21-st Century
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