Pond for a Polar Bear in the ZOO of Sydney, Australia was made with KF-A admixture to the

Shotcrete Mix which provided reliable structure for cold and salted water. There are no leaks 

after 14 years. As usual, any other materials and devices barely lasted one year.  
Fish pond in Gilroy, California, was built with KF-A added to the shotcrete, 

but just one batch was applied without KF-A. 
The Island of the Fish Pond after 4 months of application. Everyday sun heat is over 100º F. No one shrinkage cracks are found.
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Shrinkage craks appeard on that part of pond, where KF-A wasn't applied.
Shrinkage is zero where KF-A was applied.
A fragment of the Island wall of the Fish Pond.
Unique applications of KALMATRON®
Water containing concrete structures in extreme environments after 10 years. 
Project "Union Pacific Railroad" of culvert pipes 800 miles long restoration. Mix design for Shotcrete 

application is PLASTCRETE developed by "Kalmatron Corporation". 
    I-70 Vail Pass Sinkhole Repair CDOT - 
    American West Constuction Commercial 
    Shotcrete, Inc., Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. 
    Kalmatron Corporation. 
                           July 2003
     I-70 Vail Pass Sinkhole Repair CDOT - American West Constuction Commercial Shotcrete, Inc., 
    Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. and Kalmatron Corporation. July 2003
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