KALMATRON® KF-A provides decay-hydration of the cement grains from d =90 μ to d =16 μ in 4 to 6 hours instead of 4 to 5 

decades with increased yield of cementitious paste up to 14%.  

As known, an adequately developed amount of the natural cementitious gel turns concrete rheology into rock-like uniformity.  

In practice this results in:

No Fibers
No Fine Fillers
No Accelerators
No Water Reducers
No Super Plasticizers
No Strength & Density gainers
KALMATRON® KF-A at 8 ½ # 

No stiff batch flow even with low W/C
No bleeding water even with high W/C
No Anti Shrinkage Sprays and Shakes
No fill-ups onto concrete shrunk area
No rebound & slides on vertical areas
No curing controlling materials
No free lime & unhydrated cement

No curing required
No shrinkage cracks ever
No efflorescence appearing
No dilatation cuts of regular slabs
No edges curling even for thin slabs
No liquid penetration from both sides
No vapor emitting through the slab

It’s about new concrete economy: the KALMATRON®  KF-A 

admixture transforms a conventional concrete batch into a High 

Performance concrete with cement reduction, no isolation, twice 

shorter construction time and no curing afterwards. 
Pictures below are sent by our customers with remarks such as "Ghost forklift tracks on a floor" and "Miracle of durability." 
As a result of side by side application of regular concrete batch and the same with added KF-A, they show vivid difference of concretes performance applied at the same time. Concrete repair of trafficable structures published on www.parkingconcrete.com

USA patent #5,728,208

Inventions of the 21-st Century
​  Trace of forklift wheels vanishes onto the surface of concrete with  
  KALMATRON® KF-A. Applied at the same time, that concrete has  
  no byproducts of CO2 emitting like cement and free lime dusts.
It is a real Green Concrete!
Do not hesitate to ask about concrete mix designs or adaptations to any local aggregates and specific application environments. 
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