Concrete is Green when Cement is hydrated 
Green Concrete is an inert building material that passive to the targeted environment by KALMATRON® admixtures.   

Economical by wide range of recycled and alternative materials including aggregates, water, cementitious materials, and fuels. Beneficial use of byproducts for cement and concrete production. At the same time Green Concrete has a resemblance of natural rock created by volcano heat and tectonic pressure to form an approximated isotropic structure performing its strength, impermeability, and resistance to corrosion for hundreds of years. 

Trace of forklift wheels is vanished onto the surface of concrete with  KALMATRON® KF-A. Applied at the same time, that concrete has  no byproducts of CO2 emission like cement and free lime dusts. 
Left concrete sample coated by  KALMATRON® KF-B and unprotected concrete sample at right were submerged into 25% solution of H2SO4 for a week to be compared by material loss. Left one is almost intact.
It is a half of concrete cube with  KALMATRON® KF-A being sawed after submerging into the water for 17 days. Seen superficial penetration on a depth on initial capillary sorption.
Concrete with  KALMATRON® KF-A and added vinyl fiber.performed Compressive Strength by 220 MPa and modulus of elasticity by 88 GPa. 
Concrete Class Upgrading admixtures KALMATRON® were developed for agitation of cement hydration: “For a cement particle…the depth of hydration is 4 µm at 28 days and 8 µm after a year. Full hydration has only  been obtained by grinding cement in water continuously for 5 days.”  [1] 

Unaccomplished cement hydration causes immaturity of concrete structure depending on purity of environment. Therefore, the speed of cement hydration is major factor of concrete durability. KALMATRON® admixture reduces the size of cement particles by decay-hydration from  100 µm to 10 µm during the first 20 minutes. Complete hydration can be observed during hardening hours with augmentable water.  [2]

This property propagated KALMATRON® admixtures for advanced replacements of HYDRO ISOLATIONS, FIBERS, SILICA FUME, MICROCEMENTS, etc. It is a cost‐effective solution that transforms conventional concrete mixes into High Performance Concrete. 

For instance, concrete or mortar made with KALMATRON® has no shrinkage cracks, is impermeable to liquids and is resistant to any type of corrosion.                      
[1] Properties of Concrete , § 14 Portland cement, 
     A. M. Neville,   1993 Third Edition  
Concrete specimen made with  KALMATRON® KF-A was cracked after temperature shock. After that specimen was submerged into the water for 4 hours to restore gel-crystalline balance of concrete structure. 
Sequence of microcrack re-crystallization by KALMATRON® KF-A.osmotic diffusion. This is actual demonstration of importance of gel-crystalline balance in the concrete structure. It is an erroneous belief that compressive strength is gained by crystal-developing admixtures, which is effective up to 90 days and after causing concrete fragility, dilatation and cracking. The more massive the structure the faster damages appear.
It explains the most of structural failures of dams, bridges decks, suspended slabs, etc.   
Concrete is Green whithout microcracks
Inventions of the 21st Century
Examples of Green Concrete
As a result of side by side application of regular concrete batch and the same with added  KALMATRON® KF-A, they show vivid difference of concrete performances applied at the same time on the floor of a metallurgical plant with high temperatures. Concrete repair of trafficable structures is published at

On the top half of the picture is Regular Concrete with 7.5 Kg/m3 or 13 LB/CY of KALMATRON®  KF-A. below is a Lafarge High Aluminum Sika-51 cement dosed by 500 Kg/m3 of 843 LB/CY. Products were applied at the same time on the floor of acid room in a smalt production mine (Australia). They use electrolysis process with solutions of 30% sulfuric acid and cooper sulfate. This photo was taken after 9 months. Shown is the intact surface with KF-A (above) and deteriorated surface of concrete with Sika-51 with appearance of aggregates. After 18 months that concrete was totally destroyed.
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