Unique applications of KALMATRON®


Holes should be drilled on the equal distances at 45 cm to 75cm. The minimal 

angle of the holes drilling is 30º. Diameter of the holes varies at ø30 mm to 

ø50mm. For external walls thicker than 50cm, provide drilling from both sides. 
If it possible, leave those holes opened for 10 days for natural drying. 

Sometimes it is enough to prevent water migration by capillaries.  

If water actively coming from the hole, inject KF-C dry powder into the holes 

and leave them opened for 2 days. For better powder compaction, push it 

with wooden stick with diameter that close to the diameter of the hole. 

If holes are dry, apply for injection KF-C-water solution in a ratio 2 to 1 by 

volumes. Injection should be stopped when excessive amount of solution 

appears on a surface. 
   “WELDING OF CONCRETE” is a technology of concrete repair based on air-

streamed flux of KALMATRON® KF-C dry powder into wetted or leaking 

structural defects. 

   Pressured fast phase-changing powder forms stalagmite like insoluble new 

growths in the cracks and voids at the depth available to the air stream.

   Preparation of a leaking crack for repair by drilling a hole with ø3/8” (9 mm) 

on the upper side of the crack. 

   The hole should be deep enough to approach the waterline that is closer to 

the source of the leak. After the leak appears, it have to be drained out. 

   If water pressure is very high and active, apply KALMATRON® KF-C to stop 

leakage for further operations.

"WELDING OF CONCRETE" is a Concrete Leaks stopping technology

                     The standard mortar gun must be supplied with a metal or plastic pipe with ø5/16” (7.7 mm) and length of 4” (100 mm). 

                     Welding should be done under stable air pressure at 80 to 120 PSI (0.55 to 0.83 MPa). 

1.Load the gun hopper with 1 ½ Lb or 0.68 Kg of KF-C.

2.The pipe should be inserted into the drilled hole.
3.Start streaming KF-C powder until the leak completely  stops.

After a few hours, check the repaired crack. Spray some water slightly on the 

surface and stream some dry KF-C powder to cover it completely. 

Check the borders between the original concrete and the repaired one. In case 

there is some moisture present, spray 1 Lb (0.45 Kg) of KF-C on that spot to 

finish the repair.

The “WELDING OF CONCRETE” is the fastest and most reliable concrete 

repair technology provided by KALMATRON® KF-C product for stopping of 

the leaks, filling up the thin-hair shrinkage cracks, finishing seams, etc., 

which are unapproachable by other known technologies. 

The simplicity of technology combined with the powerful KALMATRON® KF-C 

product is a guarantee for high quality concrete repair jobs.
Simplicity and effectiveness of KALMATRON® KF-C application for 

stopping of leakages through masonry, concrete, grout and even soil 

consolidated structures became an opportunity for hundreds of small 

businesses to provide outstanding service to the industry and own 

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