Restoration of a metal aqueduct over 80 years old was provided by KALMATRON® KF-A as an admixture the fine plaster mix to 

provide adhesion to the rusty old metal and brand new one as well. Shotcreting efficiency with PLASTCRETE mortar, developed 

by our company, for applications on the surfaces made from stone, concrete, metals and polymers, has been tested over the last 

12 years on the structures of water supply, sewage, chemical and agricultural industries. 

   This mix design contains an additive KALMATRON® KF-A, which is designed to ensure a complete hydration of cement with the 

subsequent hardening into a solid cement stone, which does not have secondary reaction products with water or corrosive 

environment. Therefore, there are no “sources” for corrosion and thermal disintegrations (see "UNIQUE ENGINEERING").
Application was provided by the staff of the "Department of Water & Power of the City of Los Angeles." The main goal was to repair the internal side of the metal aqueduct  to protect the metal surface from rusting. Mortar mix design PLASTCRETE was developed to achieve significant adhesion to the metal and provide water impermeability to the metal surface. 

The simplicity and efficiency of the equipment and the admixture to the PLASTCRETE mix KALMATRON® KF-A allowed to  restore and provide water impermeability without any other chemical agents. With limited time per shift, it greatly economized labor' expenses and construction time.

Highest performance of successfully designed and applied PLASTCRETE classifies it as a protective remedial layer with  effectiveness of sophisticated coats and simplicity of stucco application.  
Over 80 year old aqueduct metal pipe (at left) and modern one (see above) are prepared to resist  rust and to prevent the  contamination of water. Regular mortar pump provided efficient PLASTCRETE application with slump at 2" (50 mm).   
Extremely rusted and even "fossilized" parts of old pipes were cleaned by a spinner,  designed and made by "Shotcrete Technologies Inc." After that the same spinner is used  for PLASTCRETE application. 

This well made machine is a guarantee of  continuous and  permanent  thickness of PLASTCRETE application. Particular areas were lined manually by the nozzleman' crew.      
Primer spray of PLASTCRETE on a wall of metal aqueduct.
Final lining of PLASCRETE applied on a wall with  thickness 3/4" or 15 mm. 

The slopes and elevations of the metal aqueduct required PLASTCRETE pumping on 6,000 ft (200 m) with slump at 2" (50 mm). 
Inventions of the 21-st Century
Relining of corroded metal pipes by PLASTCRETE
PLASCRETE applied onto the ceiling of a  metal pipe with thickness at 3/4" or 15 mm. 
Relining of old metal pipes by PLASCRETE saved on replacement by new ones at $19,000,000.00.