Unique applications of KALMATRON®

 Restoration of antic and modern structures and sculptures by KALMATRON® products have been done in the USA, Europe, 

 Australia and China. Most of them were restored to be a part of fountains, dreanages, steam cnimneys, canals, etc. with 

 enhancement of impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance. 

Bottom of drainage before KF-B application.
Repaired bottom of drainage with complete restoration of impermeability.
Repair of roofs, walls and underground accommodations with complete restoration of impermeability.
Restoration of industrial chimneys gases impermeability provided by KF-F and KF-B.
Railway station restoration. Sankt Petersburg.
Repair of tunnel with restoration of impermeability.
Repair of water cooling towers provided from inside and outside to increase durability twice.
Water tower over 100 years old restored with renewed water impermeability and freeze- thaw resistance.
USA Patent 5,728,208

KALMATRON® KF-A added to the regular stucco mix at 17 Lbs/CY produces the strongest transformation of plaster 

into High Performance Mortar –  the famous PLASTCRETE. There are no shrinkage cracks, sliding, or spotty 

coloration, with waterproofing and weather resistance, and only one-step application without curing. 

As an example, below is a house, freshly coated with PLASTCRETE under an ambient temperature of over 100°F, 

where one-coat with added KF-A chosen instead of three-coat technology. 

 There are no defects on the continuous areas of the walls in both 

 cases, but one-coat was ready for painting on the fourth day! 
 Drastically shortened construction time and constantly high 

 performance quality is a heritage of basic KALMATRON® KF-A 


   Mix design is simple, as shown below. Batch was prepared by    
   pale-shovel measurements, where a "Coca-Cola" aluminum can   
   represents 1 LB of KF-A.    
      Materials                      LB     CFRatio 
  Cement Type I, II                    188           .95    1 : 3.75
  Sand                                         705          4.32                                
  Water 12 Gallons                   103           1.72   W/C=.55
  KALMATRON® KF-A              5.0           .05
  Total:                                     1,000         7.000                              

  This stucco mix is applicable for waterproofing and isolating jobs     such as ponds, pools, canals, etc. Today this mix design is  
   widely known as PLASTCRETE.   

  Mortar mix with added KF-A has self-reviving workability. It   
  means keep mixer rotating and your mix will be workable and 
  finishable as long as application goes.     

 1. Apply one-step coat by good old technology or any modern 

    one to get required thickness of stucco at a time.

 2. Do not spray water on fresh stucco layer whatsoever!

 3. To provide finishing, just use wet trowel but do  

     not  spray water on a stucco surface.

 4. Curing is not required. 

 5. In dry weather, apply color on fourth day.

 The thickness of a one-layer application varies from ¾” to 4”   

 with equal water & weather resistance without sliding   

 during application or cracking afterwards.

  The surface of fresh stucco looks darker and juicer than it is  

  usually with much higher surface adhesion.

   Forgotten trowel on a wall stays there!  


  This is about the temperature expansion of combined or   
    jointed different materials, which makes them incompatible  
    under the sun heat or winter cold.   

   By this reason, on the East-South oriented walls some  
   cracks may appear on some particular areas.

  By the cracks appearance, they are classified by the reasons   
  causing them:

1. Difference of thermal expansion (under the sun’s heat) between     stucco and plastic pipe, metal anchors, wooden frames, wires,  
    etc. that are coming through stucco layer. 
    For instance, we can propose to wrap these inserts with a  
    rope or Styrofoam as a spacer between stucco and them.

2.  Other cracks are longer and more directional than occurs with  
     shrinkage, because they are caused by watering of stucco  
     instead of trowel wetting. 

     It is recommended to wet trowel for stucco finishing but do not      spill/spray water on a wall.   


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